CFNM Humiliation: Mistress Morgan’s Thoughts

Many men tend to think of CFNM fantasies as humiliating.  Well, certainly they are, but not in the conventional use of the term.  There’s nothing particularly degrading about being completely naked in the presence of a woman (or women) who just so happen to be fully clothed.  It might be somewhat embarrassing, but I’d venture so far as to say it’s more humbling than outright humiliating.

I think that’s why so many men are drawn to this fantasy.  It’s a very mild humiliation, if, indeed, it’s really humiliation at all.

Regardless, we certainly can’t forget that it’s also pretty arousing as well, can we?

Some Mistresses like to order their slaves to strip when they’re in the mood for a clothed female naked male fantasy.  And, yes, I suppose that’s the easy way to do it, right?  You just sit back and wait for your slave to do the job of exposing himself to you.  Admittedly, I certainly enjoy the show.

But I want to let you in on a little secret.

Telling a female to strip and putting the task in her hands would be more humbling because women would feel less guilt, so to speak, if the job were taken out of their hands.  It is my opinion that they would feel less humbled if someone else removed their clothes for them because, in their minds, they believe that since they had no choice, they can’t be held responsible for their own actions.

Men, on the other hand. . . well, it works a little differently for them.  If a man is ordered to take off his own clothes, he still retains a little control over the situation in his mind.  Therefore, being told to strip is not as humbling to a man as to a woman.  In order to humble a man the most, you have to remove all sense of control from him by taking his clothes away yourself.

Sure, it’s a little more difficult and time-consuming, but it makes for a much more humble slave in the end.

To me, that’s what CFNM is all about.  It’s not so much about humiliation as it is humbling a slave before his owner.  The humiliation part comes later, if I want to engage in small penis humiliation or one of the other various forms of humiliation I enjoy dishing out.

But I’ll tell you another secret.  Some of the time, when I strip you naked, I just want to admire the beautiful masculine form.  You can choose to be humiliated by that or not.


4 comments to CFNM Humiliation: Mistress Morgan’s Thoughts

  • Michael

    Goddess Morgan I love post! When I am nude before a Goddess and Her Friends i feel normal as if that’s the way it should be. That encourages me to stay in great shape. I do love to perform doggie tricks and yes that would be very humiliating even though I love doing those things. I miss You and can’t wait to show my bod off on cam.
    Slave Michael

  • happyunderudu

    Great post! You have such great insight, that is so true. To be ordered to stand still while being slowly and deliberately exposed (and maybe teased a little as your being unwrapped), would be much more humbling. Like 30 or 40 times more. And it being the opposite for men than,,, for womzen… applies to many other situations, such as…. The first time (or maybe Everytime) your Queen enjoys sexual satisfaction from a stud. If you wish to maximize the humbling and humiliation of your devoted boy, you should have him stand behind you as he slowly and reverently removes each piece of clothing your wearing would have his cheeks as pink as his panties! You might consider having him describe what your stud is about to see…. I picked it out… I washed these…. I bathed, shaved or dressed my Queen, four you today. GIRLS squeeze your balls and make him wimped or cry!

    • Morgan

      Cheeks as pink as his panties! I love that. I can’t wait to tease and expose you some more. Thanks for stopping by my blog; that put a great smile on my face. :)

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