Dinner and Public Humiliation

An outsider would barley notice the element of humiliation I inflict upon you as you sit across from me in this busy restaurant. I am keen to keep my wrath of degradation toward you under control outwardly, yet all the while knowing you are my absolute puppet to do with as I please and to torment at will.

Look at how you hover and squirm in your chair, your ass filled with my favorite public toy for you,  its remote in my purse,  while your cock and balls remain restrained and gasping to grow, and my used panties, black unlined lace microfiber ones, cling to that whore meat of yours, tightening all around you.  Yes,  the very same pair of panties I wore all day before dressing for our date tonight.

As for me, I do look divine dressed in a tight short skirt,  my pussy freshly shaved and uncovered,  stockings and heels and a  sheer white top clinging to my perfect breasts, unbuttoned just enough to draw attention to myself and ultimately toward you!

You have been my slave for some time now, but tonight it is so different.

It is your test of sorts, and if you displease me in the least I will assign you to another Mistress who is nowhere near as attentive to your yearnings and pales in comparison to my beauty, wit, and charm.  I have given you your humiliation instructions prior to leaving the house and you know what is expected of you tonight.  ANY deviation from my specifications will mean punishment from me, and then banishment.

You are trembling knowing that this is the moment you have been waiting for in our relationship:   Either the holy grail that takes it to the next level. . . OR your swan song that kicks you to the curb and into the arms and wrath of one who will never be what I am to you.  Your facial expression speaks volumes to me and my coy and quaint smile fills your head with so much fear that you literally begin to sweat.

I love you like this.

I have groomed you for our encounter tonight for some time now, and as I think of what is about to unfold my pussy moistens and I breathe in the passion of out tryst.

I nod towards you as the waiter approaches the table and I await the words I have commanded you to speak to him, humiliating yourself in your speech and watching at how he looks at me as I smile at him and shift my perfect body for him to admire.  He now understands what is unfolding and you have passed the first of many, many tests that you will be subjected to tonight.  I order our wine and tell him to bring us an empty shot glass that will be used later in your evaluation.  For now, I leave it to your imagination to decide what that might mean.

The events of this evening will be forever etched in your mind as you try to complete task after task for me and me alone. Your reward for perfect completion will bring you to heights you only dreamed about.  However, failure will leave you longing for me for eternity and a day.

Can you live up to a dinner date with me?

Call me and find out what it truly is like to be in my good graces and complete your assignments so you may forever live in my world of female domination and humiliation.  Your destiny awaits you.


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